Time Capsule Studios

Dexter’s fascination with audio engineering and production began at 10cc’s Strawberry Studios in Stockport, England – where he was born. He worked at numerous Studios as a session musician between Manchester and London in the 70’s.His real apprenticeship was under the tutorship of East West Sounds Doug Rogers. Dexter was employed by Rogers at his Harlequin studios (‘80 to ‘86), where he worked as both an in-house engineer and freelance producer.

Dexter’s wanderlust was as yet not fully quenched and there were still spontaneous adventures to pursue. It was around this time (’82) that Dexter began building transient home studios: A room setup with any and all equipment available and treated to both contain and control sound – until the next move!

Since then there have been dozens of incarnations – all with a limited life-span that usually coincided with a project. Each and every one of these studios was in a smaller space and were very much like a one man capsule or pod.As with any studio also, comes the dynamic of time warps: “Oh my God has it been 16hrs already!”

It is not hard to imagine then where the name Time Capsule came from.


For those interested – below is the current equipment list:

Audio Studio:                  

  • Mac Pro3.1 w/2 screens – Mix Output to Optimod PC1101
  • ProTools & Plug-ins
  • Cubase 6
  • Revox PR99 Reel to Reel
  • Yamaha NS10m Studio Monitors
  • DBX Stereo 31Band Graphic EQ
  • MOTU 893 Hybrid Audio Interface
  • Soundcraft Ui16 Digital Wireless 16/4 Mixer
  • Langevin Manley Dual Comp Preamp EQ
  • Universal Audio Twinfinity Preamp
  • Manley Pultec Vocal EQ
  • White Instruments Vintage 9 band Passive EQ
  • Manley Super Cardioid Reference Microphone
  • Neve RNDI
  • Fender 2004 Hot Wire Tex Mex Stratocaster + GK3
  • Takamine Nylon String Cutaway RMC Hybrid
  • Madill Hand Made Nylon String Cutaway 1980
  • Godin Multiac Solid Body Nylon String Cutaway 2004
  • Suzuki Classical Nylon String 1977
  • GR55 Guitar Synth
  • Fender Princeton Recording Amp with Attenuator
  • TC Helicon Voice Live Touch

Video Studio:

  • GoPro + 2 Other streaming Cams
  • Hybrid Optimod Audio/Video Streaming PC
  • Sony Vaio Laptop for Second Life – Live interaction
  •  iPad for Remote Protools Recording
  • Monitor on Headphones
  • Green Screen Area 7’ x 7’ x 7’
  • 1 GoPro Hero 4
  • 2 x streaming cam